Intuitive Guidance & Card Readings

Tarot & Oracle Card Readings

  • Card readings and intuitive guidance sessions, in general, are designed to bring insight to questions or untangle situations where you are feeling stuck and unsure of which direction to take.

  • Intuition is the way the subconscious mind communicates with the conscious mind. It's like any other thought process but the workings of it – the collection, storage, and putting together of the information – happen outside of our immediate awareness creating those "Aha! moments" that bring clarity and insight. 

  • An intuitive guide or reader is someone who has studied the archetypes, various symbology, historical myths, tales, legends, philosophies, and messages held within the cards. They are skilled at stepping away from the analytical mind and instead allowing the messages of the cards to interact with each other as they interpret the story which helps the querent (client) to discover insights into behaviors, patterns, difficult situations, and the answers they seek. 


  • During these readings, the querent and the clinician work together to gain insight through interpreting the messages that are being shown to us.  As a reader, I can not diagnose you or read your mind. On the contrary, a proper card reading is a co-creative process of using the language of images to go beyond the obvious, traditional modes of thinking and learn to observe life's challenges from new and deeper perspectives.


  • These sessions are a fun and unique way to problem solve. They are an enlightening and introspective experience that can be held in-person, via a 1:1 live video conferencing call, by telephone, or through email, according to client availability and preference. 


  • $88 - 60-mins ​​​​ 

    • Overcoming Obstacles 

    • Big Picture - Self Discovery

    • Whatever comes up for you

    • Year ahead - 12 Monthly Milestones

    • Relationship - Past, Present, Outlook

After making your purchase, you can email me by clicking here or call Mindful Living Wellness Center to schedule your appointment. I can't wait to meet you!


"Nicole is one of the most gifted and intuitive readers of tarot that I have ever been blessed to know. She truly has a very deep and natural way of knowing the cards and of understanding the nuances of the subjects’ spiritual lives through the lens of tarot. I have been blessed to have readings by Nicole at pivotal moments in my life, and her way with this work has truly served as a guiding light to me on numerous occasions. Her understanding of tarot is sweet and rare and it truly feels as if she has ancient ties to this art form."

Emily Kell - Visionary Artist 

"I sought out a tarot card reading with Nicole amidst a life/career transition. As we explored several avenues for my moving forward, one option increasingly stood out as the one in which I could flourish most. As Nicole artfully explained the cards' symbolism and offered her intuitive insights, any fears or hesitations I had surrounding this option quickly dissolved. I went from feeling incredibly indecisive to feeling confident--with joy, trust, and innocent faith in my heart. Thank you, Nicole, for offering such clear guidance at a time in my life when I felt so lost; you are truly a gifted oracle and seer. "

Christina Della Iacono - Voice Midwife

"When coming to Nicole for a reading she always makes me feel so comfortable. She truly sets the perfect vibe and it feels so natural. Every time I’ve had a reading I feel such a sense of peace and reassurance. I also love that she asks to follow up in the future to review the cards. Hands down the best readings I have ever received are from Nicole."

Chelsea Peterson - Owner of LivRight CBD

“Each time I’ve had a reading with Nicole, she digs deep! She’s knowledgeable of the cards and their meanings and a powerful reader.   She has helped me to understand in readings that this is the direction my inner voice is leading me. She helps create an opening for insight and has always been spot on!”

Amy Fullerton - Artist & all-around creative badass

"Nicole is an absolute gem in this world! My first session with her was reiki followed by a tarot reading. I went expecting to confront my current frustrations head-on, and while they came up it was painless! She truly is gifted and I left feeling completed uplifted and full of hope. It's easy to feel her genuine concern of your well-being and not just filling a time slot. I'm excited to try the other services she offers, and to continue healing with her! <3"

Emily Schramm - Master Esthetician

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