"There is a special quality of stillness in a person who encounters the shadow wholeheartedly. Your body may relax in their company because it understands, in the subtle communications of their presence, that nothing is excluded in themselves, therefore nothing in you can be rejected. Such a person, who has given up guarding against the shadow, who has come to wear their scars with dignity, no longer squirms from discomfort or bristles at suffering. They no longer brace in avoidance of conflict. They carry a deep willingness to dance with the inconstancy of life. They've given up distancing as a strategy, and made vulnerability their ally."

Sound Therapy

Restorative Sound Baths

  • Isn't it time you opened yourself up to an experience of profound peace and tranquility? With everything that is going on in the world and our busy personal lives, it's hard to take time to restore ourselves but it is absolutely vital for our well-being, (in addition to the well-being of those around us). 

  •  During a deeply restorative sound healing journey, you will be guided into a calm and reflective state of consciousness by the universal language of sound. 

  • Everything in the universe is in a constant state of vibration, including us. Sound is a vibration that can be translated by the delicate structures of our inner ear, but we hear it with much more than just those tiny receptors. Sound connects with us on many different levels, restoring us to a state of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual harmony.

  • Sound therapy is far from new, ​centuries ago shamans recognized the power of sound when they first used chants and drumming as part of their "medicinal" and "healing" practices. In ancient Egypt, Greece, and India, the use of sound and music for healing was a highly developed sacred science. Not to mention that for most of humanity's history sound and music have been a preferred way of experiencing the energy of the universe.

  • Sound baths are perfect for stress reduction, anxiety relief, pain management, or simply an overall luxurious and transformative experience for your body and mind. Whatever purpose or intention you bring here, we cherish the loving decision you've made to put yourself and your well-being first.  


  • Aurora's Grace joyfully offers individual, one-on-one sound therapy sessions as well, if you would like to dive deeper into your sound healing journey.


  • $74 - Single 60-minute "tune-up" session 

  • $111 - Single 90-minute "rejuvination" session

  • $210 - 3 pack | 60-minute sessions 

  • $297 - 3 pack | 90-minute sessions

  • $400 - 6 Pack | 60-minute sessions

  • $577 - 6 Pack  | 90-minute sessions


Energy Work

Usui Reiki & Chakra Balancing

  • Whether you are freshly entering into or continuing on your spiritual path, the combination of traditional restorative Usui Reiki and chakra focused rebalancing energy work can help you along your journey. 

  • The chakra system originated in India between 1500 and 500 BC in the oldest text called the Vedas. The Vedas are reported to be the earliest Sanskrit literary records. The seven chakras or energy centers have been referred to and used for centuries in yogic practices, tai chi, Qigong, acupuncture, Chinese medicine, and many spiritual wellness modalities throughout the world.

  • Six of the seven most commonly known Chakras are located at actual sites of nerve bundles in the human body and correspond to specific organs as well as physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual states of being. The ease and balance of life force energy or Chi,  flowing within and between the Chakra centers is believed to influence all areas of your life.  


  • Many people adopt energy work as part of their regular routines to maintain their well-being and enhance their ability to live a healthy, happy, and vibrant life. 

  • "Energy work" is a minimally invasive practice with only light, appropriate touch via the practitioner's hands gently resting on energy centers around the body. You will remain fully clothed for the session and be encouraged to relax as you lie on a massage table or on a bed at ground level. You have the option for a zero contact session as well, where the practitioner's hands will simply hover over the body if you choose. 

  • You will be asked to fill out an intake form previous to the session that will help the practitioner to guide the session and energy work to the areas of imbalance. There will be time for discussion before and after the session regarding any questions you may have around the process. 


  • $74 - Single 60-minute alignment session 

  • $111 - Single 90-minute focused healing session

  • $210 - 3 pack | 60-minute sessions 

  • $297 - 3 pack | 90-minute sessions

  • $400 - 6 Pack | 60-minute sessions

  • $577 - 6 Pack  | 90-minute sessions


Intuitive Guidance

Oracle & Tarot Card Readings

  • An intuitive guidance session will help to bring insight to questions or untangle situations where you are feeling stuck and unsure of which direction to take. Intuition is the way the subconscious mind communicates with the conscious mind. It's like any other thought process but the workings of it – the collection, storage, and putting together of the information – happen outside of our immediate consciousness.

  • An intuitive guide or reader is someone who has studied the archetypes, various symbology, historical myths, tales, legends, philosophies, and messages held within the cards. They are skilled at stepping away from the analytical mind and instead allowing the messages of the cards to interact with each other as they interpret the story which helps the querent (client) to discover insights into their questions.


  • During these readings, the querent, the cards, and the clinician work together to gain insight.  This is not the kind of reading where I "tell your fortune" or "predict your future". I can not diagnose you or read your mind. On the contrary, a proper card reading is a co-creative process of using the language of images to go beyond the obvious, traditional modes of thinking and learn to observe life's challenges from new and deeper perspectives.


  • These sessions are a fun and unique way to problem solve. They are an enlightening and introspective experience that can be held in-person, via a 1:1 live video conferencing call, by telephone, or through email, according to client availability and preference. 


  • $44 - 30-mins  1 - 2 areas of focus

  • $63 - 45-mins 3 queries or

your life overview

  • $72 - 60-mins One extended spread:

    • Overcoming Obstacles 

    • Big Picture - Self Discovery

    • Year ahead - 12 Monthly Milestones

    • Relationship - Past, Present, Outlook

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